We're a hybrid consultancy bringing together brand-led strategy development and ideation methodology with world-class science and carbon accounting discipline. We run a three step methodology ...

Strategy for sustainability

Our first step involves taking a deep dive into client organisations’ vision, values and strategy. Via a collaborative approach, we emerge with a recommendation for building sustainability into the DNA of the organisation. Our ambition is to lock sustainability at the centre of clients’ long-range reason for being – boosting economic performance in the course of doing so.

Measure, manage and certify

We firmly believe that “what gets measured, gets managed.” Our qualified carbon consultants build client organisations’ carbon inventories using best-practice Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology. We ideate courses of action for organisations that get them onto an impact reduction trajectory. We recommend that our clients validate and certify their carbon inventory and reduction plan via third parties.

Community engagement

We dream about a world filled with restorative organisations revered for doing more good than harm. We work with clients to build outreach programmes for staff, suppliers, customers, consumers, fans and members. Our clients are working toward balancing their unavoidable environmental impact by means of the positive influence they impress upon their “carbon communities.”

Our web-based game that embeds sustainability thinking into team culture.

Teams in workplaces competing to reduce their environmental impacts at home. Team Challenge uses the power of play to help lighten the load we place upon nature. Team mates make positive changes at home and save money in the process. Organisations build stronger teams. Everyone benefits. Find out more.